Deploy multiple VMs from template with PowerCLI

Deploy multiple VMs from templateI frequently need to deploy multiple VMs from a template in large numbers, most often a bunch of Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop servers following an update to the gold image. Without an automated method deployment can become a headache and would take days to deploy multiple VMs, especially when taking into account the post-deploy tasks such as activating Windows, activating Office, installing Citrix, putting the computer into the right OU etc.

Rather than consuming large amounts of paracetamol I have written a (fairly long) PowerCLI script to remove as many of the manual and mundane tasks as I could. In this blog post I am going to run through the script and explain how it works. You may download the complete script and use it “out-the-box” or make your own modifications, otherwise read on to understand how I deploy multiple VMs from template using PowerCLI. Continue reading